From the entrance of your guests to the music on the dance floor, find out the best 5 steps to create the best playlist for your guests to get in the mood for celebrating!

Ready to start choosing your music, but don’t know where to start?

Read to the end to find out the 5 essential tips for your wedding music.
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Whilst thinking about all the other wedding essentials – dress, photographer, invitations and so much more, planning can get a bit overwhelming and the music can quite easily be forgotten. The music sets the mood for your day and helps to share the emotion of your day for you and all your guests. So it’s really important to get the right songs for your day. By using these 5 steps which we have carefully outlined, you’ll be well on your way to having the most perfect wedding music that everyone will enjoy!

STEP 1 – Have an Overview of the Day

These are the broken down sections of the day where you will need to think about what music to include to set the atmosphere:
• Ceremony
• Drinks reception & wedding breakfast
• First dance & evening entertainment
By having an overview of the day you can see where to include music that suits your taste. In the next steps we’ll go into detail about the different parts of your day and how you can choose the music for your guests to have the best time ever!

STEP 2 – The Ceremony

The first part of the day is the arrival of your guests for the ceremony. During this part, it is a lovely idea to have music playing at the outset to give your day a sense of occasion. It will underline the wedding mood and be the perfect preparation for your big entrance. For this you will need to choose roughly around 5-6 pieces, people will be talking and mingling with each other before the ceremony begins so you’ll need to choose music that will lift the atmosphere and set the day off to a great start!

The Moment When You Make Your Entrance

The next part is the entrance. This is possibly the biggest part of your day which everyone has eagerly awaited, so you’re going to need to take some time over choosing the right song. A great way to choose the entrance song is to find the one which means a lot to you and one that will be memorable in years to come. Also, don’t feel like you have to keep it traditional. Modern songs like ‘Perfect’ or ‘A Thousand Years’ are just two examples of beautiful songs that are no doubt emotional tear-jerkers. On that note, tears and emotions are something you may need to remember when choosing a piece, so don’t forget to hand out some tissues if you think they’ll be needed!

Tissues For Tears of Joy

The signing of the register is a great part of the ceremony to have 2 to 3 of your favourite songs played whilst you sign the register and have your pictures taken. Let the music that you choose reflect this significant moment in your life!

You’re now married and it’s time to leave the ceremony with a BOOM! The bridal party exit music is more than likely going to be the most upbeat and happy song of the day. You’re going to want to choose a piece that is special to the both of you and something that’ll get everyone in the mood for celebrating !

STEP 3 – Drinks Reception & Wedding Breakfast

The drinks reception is a great time for your guests to chat while you have your wedding photos taken. Music will keep the atmosphere upbeat and everyone entertained, whilst they’re talking, eating canapés and having a drink to celebrate your wedding.

Your wedding breakfast is a great opportunity to include a playlist of all your favourite songs for your guests to really enjoy whilst they relax to eat their meal.

A great idea for creating your wedding playlist, (and something your guests will love) is to ask your guests their favourite music on your R.S.V.P.s included with your invitations. There’s nothing better than your favourite music being played, and this would be a fantastic feature of your day – a playlist of songs perfect for everyone!

STEP 4 – First Dance & Evening Entertainment

Make sure you don’t have to make a last minute decision on your first dance song. This is a beautiful moment that will stay with you forever, so you’re going to need to choose a piece that is special to both of you and one that will sweep you off your feet.

Finally, the evening entertainment, it’s time to party! When chosen well, the music played during this part of the day will get everyone on their feet dancing! Again, the music that your guests wrote on the R.S.V.P’s will make sure everyone’s favourite tunes are played!

STEP 5 – Time to Celebrate

When you have chosen all your music and you know that you’re all set for the big day, then you can rest assured that on your wedding day all your guests will enjoy – you’ve put in all the hard work, so celebrate – set aside some time to listen to some music and relax!

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