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It's what bridges do, they connect...


Every wedding is utterly unique. Each couple’s individuality is at the heart of their wedding and every love story is unique and beautiful.


To help celebrate your beautiful love story, Bridge Strings will work closely with you to provide your favourite music with the unique Bridge Strings signature sound.

Bridge Strings is not just another classical string ensemble. The signature sound of Bridge Strings brings the perfect atmosphere to your wedding. HERE’S WHY:


• SERENITY and BEAUTY for the CEREMONY, giving your guests that Bridge Strings ‘first impression’ and then the ‘All eyes on you’ emotional entrance.

• The Bridge Strings “Let’s get the party started” music for the DRINKS RECEPTION will set the mood for CELEBRATING.

• The wide-ranging SOUNDTRACKS of the WEDDING BREAKFAST will keep your guests enthralled as they listen to Bridge Strings and ‘Guess that tune.’


Along with the exclusivity of Bridge Strings bespoke arrangements, these are all signature features of the Bridge Strings sound.


At Bridge Strings we are passionate to bring music that echoes every couple’s personality. Music evokes memories, emotion and celebration 🍾

Choose Bridge Strings for a truly memorable wedding.

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