Title: Kissing You

Artist: Bridge Strings

Label: Silken Sounds

Catalogue Number: DML #001

Duration: 3:48

Release Date: 5th November 2021

Preorder Date: 15th October 2021

Genre: Dance:Electronic:Psy-Trance


An exciting new Psy-Trance track is about to emerge from the brand-new Bridge Strings on Nov. 5th 2021.

Bridge Strings is a Welsh family of musicians, producers & DJ’s, made up of Wesley Keirl, Rhianwen and Naomi. They have an undeniable passion for high impact electronic dance music.

Bridge Strings are excited to share their music with the electronic dance music world. The Bridge Strings dance music sound is a symphony of soaring melodies, devastating kicks leading to unforgettable drops, creating serious damage on the dancefloor. And if that wasn’t enough, their music is entirely centred around their iconic electric violin signature sound.


Discover Bridge Strings debut dance track, ‘Kissing You,’ and be transported into the world of future violin.

Take a glimpse into the sonic realm of the Bridge Strings Signature Sound. A world in a symphony of soaring electric violins. Witness Bridge Strings breaking into the underground EDM world.

Discover the hypnotic vocals of ‘Kissing You’, get ready for Rhianwen’s trademark trumpet growls and experience Bridge Strings soaring electric violins. Listen out for the heartbeat and let your heart go BOOM! Shocking dancefloors with a single phrase, “Kissing You’s Automatic,” this music will take you on the ride of your life.


The idea for 'Kissing You’ was brought about as a gift to Wesley’s wife, Alison, for their upcoming 25th wedding anniversary.  With the simple, but powerful lyric, ‘Kissing you’s automatic’ it seemed only natural to create an impactful, energetic and passionate dance track.

In the music video for ‘Kissing You’ take a look behind the scenes into the Bridge Strings Sound Warehouse. Visualise where the beats begin their journey ready to be trucked out. The dancing robots, the bespoke soundFX engines tailor made and installed into every track and the mysterious lioness that prowls the warehouse; it’s a behind the scenes peek at FUTURE VIOLIN brought to you by Bridge Strings.

‘Kissing You’ will wet your appetite for future violin, but leave you with a fire of curiosity for what Bridge Strings will bring out next!

This track is for the one you couldn’t live without.