#HeatWave ☀️🌊 • Bridge Strings
It's what bridges do, they connect...

Don’t you just love a heat wave?

☀️ 🌊

It’s that beautiful time of year when weddings are in full swing and the Summer weather is simply gorgeous!


At Bridge Strings we love to create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding day. With the beautiful sound of strings it’s the perfect addition to an outdoor ceremony or a drinks reception on the grass or over a lake.


With our speaker system 🔊there’s no risk of your favourite songs being played too quietly 🤫 or being muffled up against the sound of celebrations. 🎉

Bridge Strings will get the party started with the upbeat music of your choice to accompany your wedding day. Make lasting memories as you begin your married life together with the sound of Bridge Strings 🍾🎻🎻🎻❤️