Let Nature Sing • Bridge Strings
It's what bridges do, they connect...

The RSPB is a charity for the protection of our amazing birds, wildlife and nature.

From helping you relax to boosting productivity

Listening to bird song has so many benefits.

  • To help you de-stress
  • As an alarm clock
  • To help you focus while studying or working
  • As a soundtrack for meditation
  • To bring some calm to your daily commute

Birdsong inspires musicians to be creative and influence their music. It’s inspired so many composers too.

Just as an example, to experience the beauty of bird song, watch this:

It’s the world’s most peaceful melodies. Birdsong is truly beautiful.

Just imagine this. You are sleeping comfortably in your bed, and you start to stir, and you wake up with the beautiful sound of birdsong. You may think that this could only happen in the countryside, but now, using the RSPB’s amazing birdsong app, this could become a part of your morning routine.

In these difficult times everything has turned silent, but nature isn’t silent. Nature is still alive, and, even though we can’t go out and do our favourite things, we can still listen to the music of nature.

Here’s the link to the RSPB’s Birdsong Radio:


As a family, we love the RSPB, and recently renewed our membership. Support nature. Give nature a chance, give nature a home.