“Thank You For The Absolutely Incredible Job You Guys Did...” • Bridge Strings
It's what bridges do, they connect...

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the absolutely incredible job you guys did at the wedding. When I walked down the aisle the music made it feel like a dream!

Being willing to accompany my sister and Doug meant the world to me, it allowed a bit of musical theatre (my first love!) into the proceedings and was something I’ve been dreaming of for years – far longer than I’ve been engaged!

The snippets I heard while taking photos were amazing, just hearing The Greatest Showman put a smile on my face.

The music was stunning, but what was also apparent and mentioned by anyone who spoke to you was what incredibly lovely people you are.”

Olivia & Tom x

It was so wonderful to accompany Bathsheba and Doug singing, it allowed for musical theatre to be a part of Olivia and Tom’s wedding, creating something so special for their day.