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Located in Southwest China the Beipanjiang Bridge (Duge Bridge) is the highest bridge being an amazing 1,854 feet above the Beipan River below.

Beipanjiang Bridge

To put the 1,854 feet bridge into perspective, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is 220 feet high, the Eiffel Tower is 984 feet high and New York’s One World Trade Center— the tallest building in the U.S. — is 1,776 feet high.

China is also home to the second and third highest bridges – the Sidu River Bridge and the Puli Bridge, respectively.

Although it may not be the ‘tallest’ bridge in the world, it certainly is the highest. Due to France’s Millau Viaduct Bridge being 1,125 ft tall due to its towers rising high from the valley floor. The Beipanjiang Bridge’s road is actually far higher as the Millau Viaduct Bridge is only 890 feet tall. Making the Beipanjiang Bridge the tallest in the world!

Completed in 2016 the cable-stayed bridge has a total length of 1,340 m and it is set in the incredible landscape of the beautiful luscious green valley.