The Perfect Valentine's Treat • Bridge Strings
It's what bridges do, they connect...

As part of our Valentine’s Day/New Release celebrations, we made this beautiful Italian dessert. Here’s our recipe so you can create this irresistible treat to enjoy this Valentine’s weekend or any time you feel like celebrating.❤️

Try eating with raspberries – they’re delicious 🍓

– Sponge fingers (1 packet)
– Fresh custard (500ml)
– Mascarpone cheese
– Double cream (300ml)
– Tia Maria – chocolate/coffee liqueur (10tbsp)
– Coffee – freshly made (10oz)
– Cocoa powder

– Square dish (medium size)
– Whisk
– Sieve

1. Mix the Tia Maria with the coffee and dip half the sponge fingers into the coffee mixture, laying them at the bottom of the dish.

2. Whisk the mascarpone cheese and custard together. Divide half the mixture and place on top of the sponge fingers.

3. Dip remaining sponge fingers into remaining coffee mixture.

4. Put the remaining custard/mascarpone mix on top and refrigerate until required.

5. Half an hour before serving, whisk up the double cream, being careful not to over whisk. Place the cream on top and sprinkle with cocoa powder using a sieve to decorate.

We hope you try out our recipe and enjoy eating this delicious Valentine’s dessert.

Naomi & Rhianwen x